I deserve to take care of who I am.

Unmute Me provides confidential, reliable health services at sensitized clinics. These clinics consist of a network of experienced service providers who administer care without judgement, with empathy and with professionalism. Unmute Me was launched by Beyond Zero with the goal of working towards improved quality of life for all people living with HIV – no matter who you are.

In South Africa the rights of transgender people, including the right to access to healthcare, is legally protected. In spite of this, up to 1 in 4 transgender people have never been to a testing station for testing of any kind. The few who seek out healthcare services are met with stigma, discrimination, a lack of empathy, and at best misunderstanding.

Beyond Zero founded the Unmute Me campaign to address the need for culturally competent healthcare providers and administrators who can help end the health disparities faced by transgender people through providing welcoming, knowledgeable and equitable care to the transgender community.

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TG Sexual Health Services

  • Free HIV, TB & STI Screening:

    At Unmute Me facilities you will have access to free and confidential HIV, TB and STI screening. If you test negative, a healthcare professional will provide you with information on safer sex and prevention interventions such as PrEP. If your test is positive, a healthcare professional will provide you with information and refer you for treatment.
  • HIV Prevention:

    At Unmute Me facilities healthcare professionals are available to provide you with information on safer sex and the prevention of transmitting or contracting HIV and STIs. They can advise on the use of ART, PrEP, PEP and will provide you with free condoms and water-based lubricants.
  • HIV Treatment:

    If you have tested HIV positive, you will be provided with free antiretroviral treatment therapy (ART). Your healthcare professional will monitor your condition on an on-going basis to provide support and to ensure that you adhere to your treatment and achieve viral suppression.

  • STI Treatment:

    If you have screened positive for an STI, your healthcare professional will provide you with treatment according to your condition. They will also provide counselling and measures to prevent transmission of the STI to your sexual partner.



      I deserve mental health & psychological support.

      Counselling & Support

      There are numerous organisations nationwide that provide counselling and wellness services for transgender people. If you need psychological support or assistance with family counselling, contact us so that we can link you to your nearest counselling and wellness healthcare provider.

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